Personalised Approach

Every student faces different challenges when studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  With my tutoring, I seek to understand the problems they face and help them overcome them.  Once I help you see the road through the fog, you will start to unlock your mind-freeze.  And these subjects can become interesting and easy.

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NCEA, Year 11-13, University foundation year, UoO FYHS PHSI191, Cambridge


Physic Tutoring

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Chemistry Tutoring

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Mathematics Tutoring

Some students find Physics concepts abstract and difficult.  My tutoring helps students discover the relevance in their real life beyond that of abstract Physics theories, break down what seem to be complex Physics problems, and analyse them in simpler forms.

Chemistry studies the way matter is composed, investigates their properties and reactions, and uses such reactions to form new substances. Organic chemistry and 3D molecular structures tend to baffle some students. I will guide you on how to connect up the various fragments to see a clearer picture.

Mathematics may be about formulae but it can be relatively easy once you understand how to apply them. For students with a poor foundation in Mathematics, I will revise what you need to know to move forward. I will also point out what you need to remember to make it easier for you to find your way through Maths problems